Jones The Bones

11 March 2022

I am going to be honest – I have always (until recently) been really sceptical about lotions and potions, especially when they claim to be nothing short of miraculous.

This was until I stumbled across (quite by accident I may add) Jones The Bones. Initially the name caught my attention, after all as an Osteopath I am practically a magnet for anything with the word ‘bones’ in.

I haven’t been asked by Bathing Beauty (the creators of Jones The Bones) to write this.

I just wanted to explain why I have chosen to work with these products in my clinic, as well as stock the whole Jones The Bones range for people to purchase and use at home if they wish to.

The products I work directly with in the clinic are Jones The Bones Massage Oil and Jones The Bones Balm.

The oil is a really good addition to hands on treatment as it helps me effectively treat sports injuries, arthritic joints, muscle spasms and so much more without dragging on people’s skin. Plus the ingredients have natural anti-inflammatory agents.

The Balm is brilliant at helping me treat smaller joints that may be sore from arthritis or an overuse injury in the hands (so great for people that work with their hands a lot) and toes.

Both the Oil and the Balm smell really nice, not medical or overpowering in any way.

The Jones The Bones Bath Salts are a really good way of giving a boost to tired, sore muscles or joints. Be they sore from a hard day in the gym, garden or office, they are really effective at helping to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). If you have a bath, and can safely get in and out of it, it is worth trying these salts.

Another added bonus (as if we needed any more) is that all of Bathing Beauty’s products are:

  • Vegan Formulation and Cruelty Free
  • Can be used to improve and aid a restful night’s sleep
  • Can be used after exertion
  • Come in 100% natural, recyclable packaging

Bathing Beauty has the most incredible range of products, from shampoos to candles, I would definitely recommend checking them out at the Bathing Beauty website.

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