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Top Tips for Travel

Holidays are the best. Whether you are a cruiser, camper, or a jetsetter, to get anywhere you are going to be travelling. However you…

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Exercising in Hot Weather

Some of us turn into the energiser bunny in the heat (guilty) others really battle through the day (that’s my husband). Maintaining your…

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Kibworth Osteopaths - Young and Old

I hear a lot when out and about, oh you’re an Osteopath…. That’s back pain right? Yes, and so much more. Osteopaths treat the (wonderful and…

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Discussing Knee Pain - What You Can Do About It

Osteopaths know a lot about knees, and how to keep them functioning for you – at any age. Anatomically, knees are interesting joints…

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Stepping into Spring (with your best shoes on!)

Osteopaths care about all of you, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It’s almost time to pop those trusty winter boots away…

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March 'Pupdate'

Kibworth Osteopaths & Pilates sponsor a gorgeous Medical Detection Dog called Gus and he is now a 1 year old and learning all sorts of…

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Jones The Bones

I am going to be honest – I have always (until recently) been really sceptical about lotions and potions, especially when they claim to be…

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Get Outside and Look After Your Body in the Garden

Getting outside in the sunshine and warmer spring weather is good for your body (like I always say, movement is medicine), it’s good for…

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Discussing Osteopathy and the Older Patient

Osteopathy is a profession that can help people of all ages, including the older population. A lot of patients over the years have said to…

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