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Discussing S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Goal setting in life is important, and we can use them for many different areas of life, from health, fitness, financial, business and many…

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Avoid the Christmas Crunch

Nobody wants a Christmas spoiled by musculoskeletal pain or stress. My top tips for avoiding turning into the Grinch are: Get organised…

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Winter warmer: Sausage Pie

Winter is most certainly in the air and I thought I would make a different sort of a Blog this time, one that focuses on warmth and…

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Coping with lower back pain

Osteopaths are trained to diagnose and treat injuries from head to toe in all ages, however the most common injury I see in the clinic is…

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Staying fit in colder weather

For those of you who exercise outdoors - be it running, cycling, winter sports such as rugby, even a walk, read on, this Blog is for you…

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Pelvic health - More than the pelvic floor

Since qualifying as an Osteopath in 2009, and as a Pilates instructor in 2019 I have heard from patients and clients that they feel they are…

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The importance of stretching

Stretching our muscles is very important. But why? Some people think that stretching is something we do before or after sports - this is…

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February - Longer days and sunshine

Things continue to be tough and different for many, and whether you are continuing to work from home, balancing home schooling, or like me…

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Ergonomics for our children

Parents up and down the country are finding themselves trying to work from home as well as homeschooling their children. This is new to most…

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