March 'Pupdate'

14 March 2022

Kibworth Osteopaths & Pilates sponsor a gorgeous Medical Detection Dog called Gus and he is now a 1 year old and learning all sorts of clever skills in his training!

Read more in the latest news Bulletin from Medical Detection Dogs Chief Officer. Happy Birthday Gus!

Dear supporter

Gus has recently celebrated his first birthday and what a busy year he's had!

Over the last six months Gus has been out and about as much as possible as he continues his apprenticeship with Medical Detection Dogs.

While most year-old puppies are just learning to catch balls in the garden and fetch toys back to their owners, Gus is also learning to save lives. He has been doing well with his public access training and has mastered good behaviour during his sessions in a variety of scenarios - including supermarkets and High streets.

Of course, he is still very much being a cheeky and inquisitive puppy when he isn't working and loves nothing more than chasing a ball or playing with his socialisers when he is off duty!

Due to his high drive and use of nose, it has already been established that Gus is best suited to becoming a Bio Detection Dog. We are therefore starting to introduce tun scent games to continue his development of these vital skills. He can look forward to trying to find hidden tennis balls in odd places and finding the ball is reward itself, as he gets to play fetch. We are also introducing Gus to the Bio building and the equipment within it to build his confidence.

Gus still loves a long walk and free runs and is a very happy and laid-back character. He still loves to sleep but also likes to play with his socialisers and pick up his toys to carry around.

We are really proud of Gus and all he has achieved so far. He still has a long way to go, so I would like to thank you once again for supporting us with his training.

Kind regards

Dr Claire Guest
Chief Executive & Chief Scientific Officer

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