Kibworth Osteopaths - Young and Old

01 June 2022

“Osteopaths can help people of all ages. A typical day in clinic can involve me seeing patients that are a week old to 99 years young!”

I hear a lot when out and about, oh you’re an Osteopath…. That’s back pain right? Yes, and so much more. Osteopaths treat the (wonderful and amazing) body from head to toe. We see all sorts of aches, pains and injuries. But did you know that some Osteopaths also treat babies?

Why on earth would a baby need to see an Osteopath? In short, most don’t need to. They thrive and develop perfectly. Some little ones may need a bit of extra help though. Common reasons Osteopaths may examine and treat babies include when the baby may have some feeding difficulties, irritability, or preference to only move their head in one direction.

When treating babies, Cranial Osteopathy techniques are preferred as they are safe, gentle, and non-invasive. Cranial Osteopathy involves the practitioner feeling the small natural changes of movement in the body called involuntary motion. This feels like tiny expansions and contractions of the body. Disturbance to an individual’s involuntary motion can happen through the birthing process.

As I am a local, community based and centred practice, the links I have with the local Health Visitors and GPs are well established. Communication with them is essential if there any concerns with babies.

At Kibworth Osteopaths we also provide an Osteopathic new-born check. This was designed by Emily for parents to have their baby checked Osteopathically following birth (anytime from 1 week to 3 months old).

The new-born check includes finding out about pregnancy and delivery, whether parents have any concerns (for example with feeding) and your baby’s general medical health. After this, with parental consent, an Osteopathic assessment is carried out (including paediatric reflexes, tongue-tie check, weight check, Involuntary motion check, and advice on physical development).

My day is clinic is always varied and unpredictable, and I love it! It is a real pleasure helping all members of this wonderful community.

Emily Coombes
Registered Osteopath (7416) and Principal Osteopath at Kibworth Osteopaths & Pilates

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