How to get out of bed safely

18 March 2020

With a mind on spinal health, we’re going to look at the lower back today, specifically the lower five vertebrae. What I’m going to teach you is a handy way of getting out of bed in the mornings.

So many of us, when we wake up, will just spring forwards and try to get out of bed - that’s not so great! Here’s what I want you to think about if you have a lower back issue or maybe if you’re pregnant:

  1. Shuffle to the edge of the bed on your side and with your knees just over the edge.
  2. Take the palm of whichever hand is on the side of your body that’s facing upwards and place it on the bed.
  3. As you push upwards with that hand, lower your feet off the bed so that you’re using the weight of your lower legs and the force through your arm in tandem.

This will keep the lower back nice and straight and avoid any unnecessary strain going through it. So give that a practice! Watch the video below where I walk you through this.

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