February - Longer days and sunshine

09 February 2021

Things continue to be tough and different for many, and whether you are continuing to work from home, balancing home schooling, or like me, at work with my children at school, you are all doing amazingly well.

Since my last Blog, I have become a qualified mental health first aider, this is important because your mental health is as important as your physical health (in fact mental health and physical health are intertwined).

February has also been the month to celebrate all things LOVE and never has it been more important to value those near and dear to us. I passionately believe that any love must first begin with looking after ourselves, mentally as I mentioned above, and physically in how we pay attention to our own body.

So often we ignore niggles, low-level pain and recurring aches, but we shouldn't! These small signals are intentional - they are the way your body communicates. I am not saying these things equate to seriousness, but even subtle warning signs need a little attention and nurturing. Can you fit a few stretches into your daily routine? Can you stop for 5 mins to stand outside and breathe fresh air?

When was the last time you met with a friend for a socially distanced walk - and took a break from your desk? Equally, if there are more persistent concerns then please talk to your GP or give Kibworth Osteopaths a call and we will see if we can help.

Thankfully change is afoot and spring is around the corner. My daffodils are definitely above ground, and with this comes a real sense of hope. Hope of new beginnings, the longer days, more sunshine. All of which is good for our bodies. Sunshine helps with the production of vitamin D, which is good for bones and muscles, for all ages.

With Spring, often a renewed vigor is needed for those of you that have a garden. My top tips for gardening (which is surprisingly physical) are to ensure you warm up and stretch, take regular breaks to rehydrate and to have a physical break, and please use a kneeling pad!

I am so glad to see these brighter and longer days on the horizon, which hopefully means walks after work and school and as I always say: movement is medicine!


Do not do any suggested stretches / exercises to avoid seeing a medical health care practitioner, or use them to replace any advice given to you by a qualified medical professional. Ask your health care practitioner to check you are safe to do exercises, and you do them at your own risk.

Kibworth Osteopaths makes no representations about the accuracy or suitability of this content.

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